Because Every Girl Deserves at least one Dress

Sewing One dress at a time.
Because Every Girl Is a Princess and Deserves at Least One dress.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Love Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple are one of my favorite Clothing company. Thier dresses are amazing and modest styles too. And so many style, designs for all body types , ages. If you are in the market for a new dress for yourself or your little girl this is the place to go.
They contacted me and said they were willing to donate 5% of sales generated from a link on my page. What a generous donation. So please use the link at the right of this page  if you want to check out this great site.
Thank you Shabby Apple you ae the best it will help us so much to be able to mail dresses to other groups in PA and sending patterns to people all over PA. We now have some Mennonite and Amish communitys involved who don't have access to computers so we mail patterns to them. And other individuals without internet access. and we will also use it for supplies.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great Day at PA Dress A Girl

Sorry I have been lacking in keeping up with the blog. I have been updating on Facebook . But not here.
We had a great day today with our sew along we were joined By students from Bucknell University  for part of their Day of service. we sewed, sorted pressed and cut and threaded.
and some students sewed for the very first time.
I was also Interviewed by our local Newspaper too. So I am super excited to have the word spread about dress a girl in the PA area. and hope to have more sewing groups started, and have more groups contact us when they are traveling over seas.
This was my first major sewing event since My Cancer diagnosis, so I am pretty tired tonight. But I am excited to still be able to work with such a great charity.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog update. Wow where do I start.

I thought I had better update my Blog. I looked at the date of the last one and it was 28th of March! And then I was just thinking I had back pain and some mild hyperglycemia .

Little would I know that 4 days later my world would be turned upside down.w
When I went to the dr to be checked out as I wasn't feeling good. It blows my mind to think that here I am saying that I have cancer!
It has been a interesting few weeks as I deal with chemo, Medications , blood tests and other medical tests and all the side effects.
But as I take it easy I have still been reading all the posts about Dress a Girl around the world and all the dresses being distributed . We have a group traveling to Nicaragua  in May, who will be taking 50-80 dresses .
So all you local sewers I have dresses ready in various stages to finish up contact me if you are interested in taking some to sew.

I will be doing some sewing for me in the next couple of weeks. As I am losing my hair through the Chemo. Which is emotional Journey in itself. I have tried to stay positive through all of this. And I know that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me for who ever I am.And Friends and family too who love me know matter what.But I didn't know how emotionally hard the hairloss thing would be.
So Today I ordered my first wig. and the other day I ordered a cotton sleep cap, and some headscarfs. But they can be so expensive. So I thought there has to be a pattern out there to sew them. So I searched and found a mcalls pattern. So when it comes I will be sewing away to have hats and headscarfs for every outfit .

I know I can find headscarfs at thrift stores to, but right now I can't go anywhere my immune system is pretty bad . My white blood count was down to a 1 last friday, ( 4 is considered low) and came up to a 2 today. But I have to be so careful.So can't go to public places and being around a lot of people, and wear a mask when I do go out. My Dr pretty much put me on bedrest for a few days. As my mediport area needed to heal too. My platelets are really low too which means I am more prone to bleeding.
Well I know this too shall pass and I will have the energy and time to sew soon and find some cute head scarfs and hats at thrift stores. So no thrift store shopping for me for a while.
But I count my blessings every day. This could be so much worse. They have caught the cancer early and it is low grade non Hodgkins Lymphoma. And they hope the 5-6 chemo treatments will fight this disease. My next treatment is this Friday the 29th of April..

I will continue to be strong and fight to and Love life and live it to it's fullest and when I have the energy I will Sew Sew Sew!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Addiction got the better of me! oh my aching Back

So here is something I don't reccomend.
Sitting on the floor cutting.
Let me tell you about the events of  my last few Days.

So I gathered up my fabrics on Thursday and sat down on the floor and started cutting some dresses out. Before I knew it 2 hours had gone by. Then there came my problem. I  stood up and my back was aching and just not feeling great. So I had dinner then laid down on the couch. Then  I went to move a heavy laundry basket into my daughters Room. So I lift it up and promptly dropped it and cryed out in pain. As pain shot down my leg and up my back.
So I slept on it ( not very well) then was very tender. But had already planned to go to a friends house for a couple of days. And thought I would be fine and the break away would be good for my mental health.
My friends kept telling me how pale I was and I just kept on going taking Aleeve and  wearing Bengay pain patches on my back. I kept thinking if I sit a while, then walk awhile, then lay down a while all will be good.

Well to cut a long story short my friend who rode with me, had to drive me home in my car .
Then I finally got to the Chiropractor Saturday night ( who is a family friend) . And He was shocked I survived the weekend. I was in bad shape. My body was pretty much in shock that was why I was so pale. He also said he is often dealing with clients  especially around the holidays as they sit on the floor and wrap presents.

So let this be a lesson to all of you .
One look after yourselves first. So you are then in a position to help others.
So here I am laying around and trying to take it easy for a couple of days. No sewing for me. But who said you can't lay flat on your back and thread elastic in Dresses:-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Simplicity Bias maker and other goodies

So I head to Walmart today, because I had a $25 gift certificate to use. So I head to the sewing department ( surprise surprise) and I was actually going to pick up a thread box and some new yarn to knit something.
But what do I see but the Simplicity Bias tape maker! it was $60. So I thought ok I actually will only have to pay $35 so I thought thats not bad.
So I bring it home and couldn't wait to plug it in and try it with some of the strips I cut the other day from Sheets . So there were no seams or anything. So I wind it on the spool, then let it heat up and set it all up and it started running. It had a little bit of a faulty start, but started feeding out great bias tape.
So I go eat lunch and put some groceries away. Then go back to my tape maker. Plug it back in, and let it heat up again, and wind the fabric onto the spool . And I was using the same fabric as earlier. And I let it run. But I had to push down on the top for it to feed through automatically. and it kept getting caught up inside.
Now I am not saying It isn't good I will continue to play with it . And use different settings etc and different fabrics. It's a great concept and I think I like it, But not totally in love yet.
I also picked up the Threading gadget that Janine mentions on Dress a Girl Connecticut.

Now what I am in love with is the Goodwill Thrift store. Although sometimes their prices can be a little high than others on their clothes. But their linens and fabrics are pretty good.

I know what your all thinking right now with all the donations etc why am I still looking. Well because they have some great stuff and I am addicted LOL.
I picked up more white  pillowcases  to be tie dyed and some other great pillowcases and  fabrics, with lots of yardage.
These fabrics are so fun . And with the one on the right I have some great really bright Pink Ribbon for the straps that matches perfectly. What is it with new fabrics that motivates you so much? I just love the start to finish process of taking fabrics and seeing what you can make.
 I'm off to sew

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fabric, sheets ,homemade Bias tape, sheets, Pillowcases, sheets,dress shirts, Did I mention the sheets!

Yesterday I spent the day tackling my donations of sheets, they seemed to be multiplying. I'm not complaining as they are a great source of fabric. Soft, hard wearing and make some great dresses.

But I decided I would take the day and cut some of them up to make pillowcase shapes ready to make dresses.Some I cut up using a dress pattern . And some I cut up  to make homemade bias tape. I used my handheld little Clover brand bias maker. It Actually works pretty good, but I still have to iron it my self ( not my favorite job :-) . But I just keep thinking each yard I make is one more strap for a dress for a girl , so it's worth it. And also the money saved from buying ready made is also worth it.
I am still Coveting and dreaming about  the Simplicity Automatic bias maker and am saving my pennies. But now I am hearing mixed reviews . So I need to get it for a good deal for it to be worth it.
I also cut up some dress shirts, to make some cute dresses and some I  cut into bias tape.

Often friends ask me how I can make multiple dresses so quickly. This is what I do.

1 I take the time to cut out a bunch of dresses at once, either pillowcases, or from a pattern that I have.

2 Then I sit down at my serger and serge away,to make the side seams for the dresses. If I have used fabric instead of pillowcases. Or serge the tops. The serger is the best invention ever!

3 Then I press all my casings at the top for the elastic and press up any seams I may need to do, if I didn't use pillowcases.

4 Then I go back to my sewing machine with my stack of dresses. And sew the casings and hems. For those that   quilt  you will know what I mean when I say , I chain sew them. Basically I sew across one casing then feed the next dress through continuing to sew and then the next and the next etc etc and don't trim threads in between dresses until the end. I do sew a back stitch at each end of each casing though.

5 Then I find a good movie to watch or TV show and sit and trim threads and thread elastic and pin the ends.

6 Then back to the machine to tack the elastic in place . I actually have started to not do this now and wait until I have the straps pinned on then sew  back and forth where the end of the elastic is where the strap is attached.( hope this makes sense.)

7 Then I cut all my straps to match dresses .And just use one pin to attach them to the dresses for me to carry them to the sewing machine.

8 Then I sew on the straps. I separate my dresses into piles according to what color thread I will need for the straps. At the beginning when I am cutting out the dresses I try to think about the thread color needed ,so I am not switching colors every dress. For example yesterday.
I chose fabrics that will have red straps, and white or light colored straps, That way I only had to change thread colors once. and it worked good

9 Then this is the stage when I sometimes  embellish the dresses with lace or Ric Rac or pockets.

Well this is what works for me when making multiple dresses. I know it's not any mind boggling news to most sewers and you probably already do this . But people asked me so I thought I would share. Of course I still love the process of making an individual dress from start to finish. But some day I want to make a bunch and use my time wisely.

I am excited to be working with a group of youth at our church on March 30th. Young men and Women aged between 12-18. It is only 1 hour and 1/2 long activity. So I am trying to prep some ahead of time. So we don't have to wait on those cutting before we start sewing. So this was my system I'll let you know if it works out on the night.
I have
30 pillowcases un cut
15 dresses sewn ready for the elastic to be threaded and pinned
10 dresses  ready for the straps to be sewn on.
So basically while some are still cutting the pillowcases, a few can be threading elastic in the top casings, and some can be sewing straps. Then when the pillowcases are cut, they can then be passed on to someone to press the casings down at the top . Then passed to someone to sew the casings, then threading elastic etc etc.
I am trying to have a rotation system working so that all the youth have something to do as soon as we get started and there is plenty to keep them busy. You know teenagers their minds seem to wander sometimes. I realize we probably won't get them all finished that night. But I am trying to make it fun for them , by doing the rotation system. So they can encourage each other each step of the way.

So keep those donations coming, while you are spring cleaning ,think about donating your un wanted linens to Dress a Girl they will be put to good use. Clear out your fabric stash to, you know we all have that fabric we had to buy for a project sometime that never happened :-).
Thats how I got started by using my fabric that I  was going to donate somewhere. Now I am making Dresses for Cute little Girls all over the world. And I have never been happier.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

This is why we sew!

I Emailed orphan Grain train that are sending dresses to Haiti. and are Teaming with other churches/ organisations. to try to have 1000 dresses
Faythe sent me a email telling me how she was involved. She is the Executive officer for Orphan Grain train. But in Real life she is a quilter and had seen a TV show talking about the pillowcase dresses.
this is an excerpt from Her email and I am sure she wouldn't mind me sharing.

"One in particular…..a lady on our Board of Directors (Kae) took a few dresses in her suitcase when she visited Russia with one of our missionaries.  We cannot ship into that country due to the government restrictions.  She gave one of the dresses to a little orphan girl in one of the orphanages.   The little girl followed Kae around all the while she visited there and wanted to go home with her.  It as heart wrenching as you can imagine.   This little girl had never had a dress before and she was about 12 years old."

And all I am going to say is
This is Why We Sew!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adorable patterns.! Such a great supporter of Dress a Girl.

The other day I bought some Adorable dress patterns. From
She was generous enough last week to donate 50 % of all her sales to Dress a Girl around the she was involved in the Sew a Long event.
I bought 3 patterns.
This adorable style
And 2 others, The Beach  sundress and the Fancy pleated top sundress. These are  just as Lightweight as the pillowcase dresses . and relatively simple. But with that added extra. And it will be a great way to use some fabric. I love the above style as it has built in ties from the dress fabric. So no need for elastic or bias tape and just something a little different.
I will not be copying this pattern to share with Others Only for My sewing events in My home. But feel free to pop to  To buy your own
 She will be closing her So teitei etsy store soon and her products will only be available at the lily bird store.
Thank you Cecelia for your wonderful Support and Generosity ,for Dress a Girl around the world
Can't wait to make some cute dresses with these wonderful patterns

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sew Delightful: When Using Fabric width and lengths

Thank you Suzanne, over at Sew Delightful for coming up with this great list for widths, lengths etc to cut when making dresses from Fabric.
just thought I would share. Be sure to check out her blog.
One Because, I have Blog envy lol because it is such a pretty blog. and twoo because she too is part of Dress a Girl around the world.and has some great Pics and ideas.

Sew Delightful: When Using Fabric: "We have come up with the measurements for various sized dresses if you are using fabric rather than pillowcases to make your dresses... Pl..."

Monday, March 7, 2011

What a great Idea! Sew along!

My good friend Sarah shared this great link with me. I am so glad she did, what a fun blog.
And I am so grateful that others are supporting Dress a Girl around the World .
So be sure to pop on over there and follow along this week. There will be giveaways too
" Sew" much fun!
LBG studio

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We need those donations.For future trips.

I am "SEW" excited the word is getting out about Dress  a Girl.
Just from going to church to day, I had 2 bags of donations, some T shirts to change into Boys britches and girls dresses.
Our Young Womens leader came up to me and wondered if I could help with an activity . So we will be doing a Activity for the Young Men and Young Women for Dress a girl, Yes Boys can help with this.They need to learn to iron and basic sewing ( well I think so anyway :-) they are aged between 12 and 18

I was able to give Collin Mckinney our dresses to go to Dominican republic. And he  packs up on Tuesday. He promised to take lots of pictures.
He also told me about the group they are travelling with who go overseas a few times a year. So that is a great contact.
.So look forward to being in contact and have more dresses going out throughout the year..

Then we have a Guatemala trip going on the 18th. So we  are busy making dresses . Also  today was able to drop supplies  off to be sewn with my great friend Amy Jo to.
I am excited that the word is getting out .And people are catching the vision and mission of this wonderful organization.
Remember gather your friends for your own sewing group to,we need those dresses.

These 2 trips just came about quickly, But we were able to make it happen. One reason we were able to make it happen, was becuase of the wonderful donations and the donations of time of those making the dresses.

But remember we still need  dresses made ahead  for future trips. But  in order to do so we need those donations to keep on coming.  And also groups to make dresses .

We especially need elastic and Bias Tape( double fold 1/2 inch or wider), so please donate. Even though elastic can be bought quite cheap at certain discount store 98cents a pack. It still adds up, so if anyone knows a great resource  for donated supplies for these items please contact me.
 Of course we can make our own bias tape too. I  think I will invest in a bias tape maker to help with that process.So we are raising funds to gather materials also so every little helps.We have some great resources around here for supplies some being Amish Quilt stores who sell Bias tape by the yard very inexpensively too, but once again these supplies add up.
Of course we still need your Pillowcases, and fabric donations.
So as you spring clean those linen closets feel free to send your extra pillowcases , fabric, our way.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh the Fun we had! Our first Sew fest !

We had a blast at our first sew fest Saturday February 26th 2011.
We may have been small in numbers. But that didn't matter. All who came ,got straight to work and we were a force to be reckoned with LOL

We had Mary Ann who donated some wonderful dress shirts , fabric and pillow cases. And was our Cutting and pinning  and threading elastic Super Women ! We couldn't keep up and keep her supplied with fabric quick enough . She was a wonderful support.
Mary Ann hard at work 

Then there is Sarah who first Posted the link to Dress a girl on her facebook page saying that we should be a  part of this and I am eternally grateful she did.She was one of our  Super Sewers. and who would believe that she is 7 months pregnant!And has a adorable Little 2 year old girl too.
Sarah setting up her new sewing Machine. except she grabbed the Spanish manual By mistake and none of us speak Spanish. She worked it out eventually :-)
Then there is Amy Jo another super sewer.This super women has 2 sets of twins 2 Girls 5 and a boy and a girl 15 months old . So she is a Super Mom But is always such a great support.
Amy Jo with one of the dresses she made
Sarah and Amy Jo working away.Amy Jo showing her best side :-) 

We then have our super power with the Iron Barb . She flew through the pile of pressing, ironing. Hmm maybe I should hire her  for my own Ironing . I Hate to iron personally. That's what tumble dryers are for LOL.All her 5 children are now grown and at college, Married etc. So she gets enjoy the joys of being a Grandparent to a 4 year old  Boy and a  18 month old girl

Me Hand sewing a bow, Sarah hard at work.

We also had Jocelyn . Our other super ironer . And she took fabric home to sew dresses. I didn't get a picture of her . She took some of these pics. But Next time I will as I know she will continue to be involved. She was also My Tech savvy friend and hopefully set up my blog to Facebook link to work finally.  Her smiling face can be found on her great blog called" We talk of Christ We rejoice in Christ.

Another Super Sewer was Jaquie who I also sadly didn't get a picture of . She cut out a bunch of Toddler size dresses.And took T shirts, fabric etc to make 10 more dresses at home.She made this adorable dress on the left

Then we have Kimberly she came and was one of our Super Cutters and cut out the arm holes for a bunch of toddler dresses., And even took fabric home to cut more.

And she bought with her, her two Children Bobby and Autumn. Who Our Puppy absolutly loved playing with :-)
And Autumn agreed to be our model. Sew Cute.

Love this fun bright print of cats.
We had a fun day of, sharing stories, cutting pinning, and sewing dresses.

Can you believe these totals for just one day.

15 totally finished

7  with elastic in ready for  straps.

27  pillowcases cut, ironed and ready to sew the straps on

23 toddler size dresses cut from fabric and ready to sew.

5 dress shirt dresses cut, ironed and ready for straps

That's with out the 20 that a couple of girls took home to sew.

And the 20 Heidi is making.

and the 30 I have made so if you do the math that's the grand total of 147!

How Awesome is that !
Looking forward to many more events in the future

Friday, February 25, 2011

Exhausted and Excited! Walmart $1 a yard and less.

I am physically Exhausted , from being the worst procrastinator ever and leaving the cleaning up of my house, getting lunch items ready for tomorrow  and prepping and setting up for our first Sew fest all in one day.
But every step I was also excited for all the dresses we will make tomorrow and all the girls lives we can touch.And I have some wonderful friends supporting me for this wonderful event. So I am  Excited to get together with some great friends and sew for this great charity and use some of the wonderful donations of fabric etc we have.
Our Goal is too have 100 dresses to send to Dominican republic. And I think we can make that goal. . I have some friends sewing individually . My one friend Heidi is sewing 20 dresses and  am eternally grateful for great women like Heidi that are willing to help sew.

So anyone that still wants to join us tomorrow ,please do, we would love to have you come and have fun with us.
So I ran to Walmart to get some elastic etc. and they had some very cute fabric at a $1 a yard. So of course I had to buy it. I have no self control, when it comes to fabric for DAG and for myself actually :-)
I didn't take pics but plan on making some cute dresses tomorrow.So I will show you when they are made.

And here's a picture of some fabric that I got at another Walmart the other day.
Yes that's right it 75 cents for the whole bolt! Now there's not that much on a bolt  maybe 3 -4 yards and it's thinner than cotton. But I think it will work for ruffles or straps
So of course I had to buy all 3 . But it was only $2.25  for 3 bolts!

I am still Amazed how I have come to be at the right place at the right time, the last few weeks.. As I have prayed about all areas in my life , Heavenly Father has blessed me with the health at this time to be able accomplish many things in my life, and juggle my many responsibilities and also be involved in this wonderful charity. It's been great to be able to Sew which is one of my loves and get to help others which I also like to do. I am so Blessed.And thank you for everyone's continued support of this project.

Crossroads Thrift store

Thank you Marilyn Lenker for your donations, and continued support for DAG. This is what they donated.
More dress shirts Lace edge curtains, and some cute little girls shirts all ready to add skirts too.
I can"t wait to make this cute shirt into a dress. To hopefully Make One little Girl HAPPY

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thrift store Donations/ Dress shirt to Dress Link

I went to a couple of my favorite Thrift stores again today. To update my info with info about this blog and updated email info.
I met Tammy today at a certain thrift store with the initials SP. :-).and what a pleasure it was. It was great to meet her and for her to feel such great enthusiasm for this great charity. It was great chatting with her and explaining what we do. And have her be so Excited to be a part of this.
 I am looking forward to Continually being in contact in the future with SP Thrift store.Your the best !
And Thanks again.
FUN FABRICS and 2 like new pillowcases.
Tammy suggested we add this fun print to one of the dresses and I am up for the challenge. It's a fun bright cheery print
Fun Button down shirts .Yes these can be made into the Cutest dresses.

Dress shirt to Dress Check out this Link for a great tutorial for Making these cute dresses from Button down shirts can't wait to make these.And this opens up so many possibilities for Dresses out of recycled clothing. Please ask Permission before you clear out your husbands or families closet to make these adorable dresses.

Jaleanas Fabric Donation.

I put an ad on Craiglist  asking for donations For DAG and Jaleana was actually the only person that contacted me. I will post again.
She contacted me and asked how she could help and what she could donate. We were going to meet in Carlise PA some time but that didn't work out. Although I would love to meet her one day.
She emailed me and said she had sent a package and I should get it today. Well it came and I was blown away with her generosity. she sent a large flat rate box just filled to the brim with wonderful fabric . I shed a tear and my heart swelled at all the girls that can receive Dresses because of Jaleana .
there is probably enough fabric to make at least 30 dresses!
Thank you Jaleana from the bottom of my heart.Many girls will have huge smiles and be dancing in the Dresses we can make with the beautiful fabrics you sent. May God Bless you.

Tech Savvy!

You think I would be more tech savvy than I am. Seeing as my Husband is a Computer programmer and systems analist.But sadly no I haven"t developed that skill. When he tries to explain it too me it sounds like Bwahhh Bwaaah bwahhh similar to the teacher in Charlie Brown cartoons.
But I think I finally worked out how I can type a blog entry here and then it automatically be posted on Facebook. So this is a test post.
I think once this is all set up it will be great . In the mean time I am certainly getting a headache :-)

On a different note be sure to check out My facebook post about making dresses from Button down shirts Such a great idea and so cute. I asked the girl from Dress a girl Lake charles for permission to post the link on this page.
So now I need you to donate all your button down shirts you are not wearing. Please ask permission before clearing out Husbands or boyfriend, brothers closet etc. LOL

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sanctuary Praise Thrift store donation.

So last week. I went on one of My Thrift store shopping donation missions:-).
This time I headed to another small Thrift store I remembered seeing as I drove to Lewisburg  PA from Shamokin Dam on rt 15.
It's called Sanctuary Praise ( church on the hill) Thrift center.And I met some wonderful Sweet ladies. I told them about the charity and the Pastors daughter who was there was very  willing to donate.She said when they get fabric they usually don't know what to do with it! ( well that just about stopped my heart LOL).I was able to pick up some gently used sheets, new pillowcases and fabric and a cute ruffled curtain. And even some Lace. Thank you so Much Sanctuary Praise thrift store for your Wonderful Donation . They will be used to make many girls around the world very Happy.
And all you Local people Check this wonderful thrift store out they have some nice things and great prices.

The Blue fabric on the middle right has penguins surfing I Know that is random But I think some little girls will get a kick out of it and it will make fun dresses.The Navy fabric on the left has a ruffle so will make a cute Ruffled dress.
The Packages in the center are  2 packs of Pillow cases.and there are 6 of them. Yes some of them are white. But with some contrast ruffles, and straps and a pocket I think they will make great dresses.
Thanks again Sanctuary of Praise Thrift center for your Wonderful Donation

Sewing Fest this Saturday 26th February.

For any of you living in and around the Northumberland PA area and would like to come sew, pin, cut.. I will Be having our first major sewing event . All dresses will be going to Dominican Republic in March and we want to load those suit cases.
Please feel free to email me if you would like to attend and I will give you my address.
It will be 10am - 7pm But you are not expected to stay the whole day , unless you want too :-)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Change the World - Dress a Girl Around the World

Change the World - Dress a Girl Around the World

Click on the Above Change the World  red Statement and you will be taken to a wonderful link.
I Love this Video Link from Our official Dress a Girl around the world website. My favorite part is about half way through, when you will see an Adorable  Little Girl Dancing in her heart print dress.
I can not watch this clip with out my Heart just swelling. And reminds me  of what a difference just one dress can make in boosting the self esteem of one little girl
Hopefully It moves you in the same way. And makes you pull your sewing machine out and get to work.
Or makes you want to be a part of this wonderful charity.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dresses In all Colors and sizes

This is one of my favorites I had Made a skirt a while back with a panel I bought at the thrift store and knew I had some fabric left I love it so now I am looking for panels with great prints to make these adorable dresses
Isn't this Print  so cute Now when I wear My Skirt I can think of another little girl wearing this dress
Here are  the dresses I made using the pillowcases donated by my friend Sue .So I have 2 of each of these I added the contrast Ribbon and pockets

The Fabric on the left was left over from When my daughter was Dorothy one year for Halloween
Along time ago

Love is in the Air

Daisy print contrast

Red White and Blue stripe I like the wider bias tape on these

Red with Blue Polka dot ribbon

As you can see Dresses can be made in all colors and sizes. These dresses are just some of the dresses going to Dominican Republic

Dresses going to Dominican Republic We Need those Dresses.

Our First PA  Dresses will be going to the Dominican Republic.
They will be hand Carried by a group of Students and professor from Bucknell University Lewisburg PA. They will be taking 2 suit case's full! Believe me that's a lot of dresses.
We will be having a Sewing fest at my house on the 26th of February and hope to meet our goal of 100 dresses.
If anybody  would like to send dresses for this trip. Please contact me ASAP and I will give you my Mailing info. We have a time crunch though. They leave on March 11. So I would need all donations by March 8 so I would have time to add labels and get the dresses to them.
Every dress makes a difference, so even if you can only mail one dress, You will be making one little girl very happy.

Just some of My Thrift store finds!

So I Love scouting around the thrift stores  to see what they  have I can use for dresses. But before I leave  the House I print out the colored flyer from the Official Dress a Girl Around the world Website and My own Info too with a List of Donations needed.

A Couple of weeks ago I visited  Crossroads thrift store in Montandon PA , and showed them the flyer and explained what we wanted to do on a local level to do our part. And she said " Here's a Box fill it with what ever you see in the store you could use"!
How Great and generous is that. Thank you Marilyn Lenker Director your amazing so this is what I found this time.
I say this Time because she said I should come in Once a Month and fill a box ( wow). Now who said there isn't great people out there. Just goes to Show It Never Hurts to Ask
Girls shirts,Sheets, valances,and fabric to add to t-shirt dresses
 So I head to the H.U.F discount ( thrift ) store in Milton and ask the same questions. The Manager said will we don't really get sheets etc and when we do we throw them out as they are in to bad of a shape to use.I asked her about Little girls shirts but she said she didn't really Get Many of those either  OK?
She took the flyer and said she would read it over. So I scouted the store and found some little shirts which I bought. and I can't wait to add cute little skirts to them all my stash of  9 shirts came to 15 dollars so not too bad.

So then I headed to another Thrift store in Milton American rescue workers. I showed the flyer there etc. But she need to ask her Director. So she has my info, so we will see. I was able to pick up 4 pillowcases and a King size sheet for $6 dollars though and the Sheet has a cute ruffled edge that will make cute dresses.
Here's the mistake today I forgot that there is a difference between a pillow Sham and a Pillow case. Shams tend to open in the back and are sometimes Padded in the front So don't really work for the dresses. Oh well I bought some brand New Shams for $3 Guess I should change the color scheme in My Bedroom LOL

Well I think I have enough supplies to Make Many dresses. And  for any of you Local friends, I will be Having regular get togethers at my house for any of you that would like to Help.  The first big  One will Be Feb 26thEmail me if you live in the Northumberland PA area and would like to come.

Who are we and How can you Help.

Hi My Name is Marie Eisenhower and I am So Excited to be  the  Volunteer PA Rep for Dress a Girl around the world.
I look forward to of being of help to all my PA friends as we strive to help this wonderful charity.There are many ways you can help.
Feel free to go to the official Dress a girl around the world page 
To find out all about this wonderful charity.
* Do you have a group of friends who like to sew? Why not  Have  some fun and sew cute dresses for this wonderful charity.Even if you have never sewn before this is a great Beginners project..Feel free to set up a Get together of your own and Have fun making a difference in the life of a Girl.
* Feel free to contact me at if you have a group you would like me to come help with. Think of Women s church groups, Girl scout troops, High school groups.

*Patterns are found here
*I  take donations of Fabric, Pillowcases,Sewing supplies. ( see Donation List On right of Blog) Clean out that sewing room and fabric stash email me if you need my mailing address or if you live in my local area I am willing to pick up.
* Monetary donations are taken towards supplies and postage.
* Do you know of a Church, group, Medical group, or students who are going over seas to serve, we would love  them  to hand carry dresses to  girls in need.We Just ask that you take pictures of all those sweet smiling Girls as they receive their dresses.So we can show others the difference that one dress makes in the life of a little girl.

Please feel free to email me pics of what you are doing in the PA area to help and I will Share on this blog.