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Because Every Girl Is a Princess and Deserves at Least One dress.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Exhausted and Excited! Walmart $1 a yard and less.

I am physically Exhausted , from being the worst procrastinator ever and leaving the cleaning up of my house, getting lunch items ready for tomorrow  and prepping and setting up for our first Sew fest all in one day.
But every step I was also excited for all the dresses we will make tomorrow and all the girls lives we can touch.And I have some wonderful friends supporting me for this wonderful event. So I am  Excited to get together with some great friends and sew for this great charity and use some of the wonderful donations of fabric etc we have.
Our Goal is too have 100 dresses to send to Dominican republic. And I think we can make that goal. . I have some friends sewing individually . My one friend Heidi is sewing 20 dresses and  am eternally grateful for great women like Heidi that are willing to help sew.

So anyone that still wants to join us tomorrow ,please do, we would love to have you come and have fun with us.
So I ran to Walmart to get some elastic etc. and they had some very cute fabric at a $1 a yard. So of course I had to buy it. I have no self control, when it comes to fabric for DAG and for myself actually :-)
I didn't take pics but plan on making some cute dresses tomorrow.So I will show you when they are made.

And here's a picture of some fabric that I got at another Walmart the other day.
Yes that's right it 75 cents for the whole bolt! Now there's not that much on a bolt  maybe 3 -4 yards and it's thinner than cotton. But I think it will work for ruffles or straps
So of course I had to buy all 3 . But it was only $2.25  for 3 bolts!

I am still Amazed how I have come to be at the right place at the right time, the last few weeks.. As I have prayed about all areas in my life , Heavenly Father has blessed me with the health at this time to be able accomplish many things in my life, and juggle my many responsibilities and also be involved in this wonderful charity. It's been great to be able to Sew which is one of my loves and get to help others which I also like to do. I am so Blessed.And thank you for everyone's continued support of this project.

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  1. Can't wait. I'll be there around noon until closing time. I'm bringing some snacks to keep us going!