Because Every Girl Deserves at least one Dress

Sewing One dress at a time.
Because Every Girl Is a Princess and Deserves at Least One dress.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

This is why we sew!

I Emailed orphan Grain train that are sending dresses to Haiti. and are Teaming with other churches/ organisations. to try to have 1000 dresses
Faythe sent me a email telling me how she was involved. She is the Executive officer for Orphan Grain train. But in Real life she is a quilter and had seen a TV show talking about the pillowcase dresses.
this is an excerpt from Her email and I am sure she wouldn't mind me sharing.

"One in particular…..a lady on our Board of Directors (Kae) took a few dresses in her suitcase when she visited Russia with one of our missionaries.  We cannot ship into that country due to the government restrictions.  She gave one of the dresses to a little orphan girl in one of the orphanages.   The little girl followed Kae around all the while she visited there and wanted to go home with her.  It as heart wrenching as you can imagine.   This little girl had never had a dress before and she was about 12 years old."

And all I am going to say is
This is Why We Sew!

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