Because Every Girl Deserves at least one Dress

Sewing One dress at a time.
Because Every Girl Is a Princess and Deserves at Least One dress.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We need those donations.For future trips.

I am "SEW" excited the word is getting out about Dress  a Girl.
Just from going to church to day, I had 2 bags of donations, some T shirts to change into Boys britches and girls dresses.
Our Young Womens leader came up to me and wondered if I could help with an activity . So we will be doing a Activity for the Young Men and Young Women for Dress a girl, Yes Boys can help with this.They need to learn to iron and basic sewing ( well I think so anyway :-) they are aged between 12 and 18

I was able to give Collin Mckinney our dresses to go to Dominican republic. And he  packs up on Tuesday. He promised to take lots of pictures.
He also told me about the group they are travelling with who go overseas a few times a year. So that is a great contact.
.So look forward to being in contact and have more dresses going out throughout the year..

Then we have a Guatemala trip going on the 18th. So we  are busy making dresses . Also  today was able to drop supplies  off to be sewn with my great friend Amy Jo to.
I am excited that the word is getting out .And people are catching the vision and mission of this wonderful organization.
Remember gather your friends for your own sewing group to,we need those dresses.

These 2 trips just came about quickly, But we were able to make it happen. One reason we were able to make it happen, was becuase of the wonderful donations and the donations of time of those making the dresses.

But remember we still need  dresses made ahead  for future trips. But  in order to do so we need those donations to keep on coming.  And also groups to make dresses .

We especially need elastic and Bias Tape( double fold 1/2 inch or wider), so please donate. Even though elastic can be bought quite cheap at certain discount store 98cents a pack. It still adds up, so if anyone knows a great resource  for donated supplies for these items please contact me.
 Of course we can make our own bias tape too. I  think I will invest in a bias tape maker to help with that process.So we are raising funds to gather materials also so every little helps.We have some great resources around here for supplies some being Amish Quilt stores who sell Bias tape by the yard very inexpensively too, but once again these supplies add up.
Of course we still need your Pillowcases, and fabric donations.
So as you spring clean those linen closets feel free to send your extra pillowcases , fabric, our way.

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