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Because Every Girl Is a Princess and Deserves at Least One dress.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog update. Wow where do I start.

I thought I had better update my Blog. I looked at the date of the last one and it was 28th of March! And then I was just thinking I had back pain and some mild hyperglycemia .

Little would I know that 4 days later my world would be turned upside down.w
When I went to the dr to be checked out as I wasn't feeling good. It blows my mind to think that here I am saying that I have cancer!
It has been a interesting few weeks as I deal with chemo, Medications , blood tests and other medical tests and all the side effects.
But as I take it easy I have still been reading all the posts about Dress a Girl around the world and all the dresses being distributed . We have a group traveling to Nicaragua  in May, who will be taking 50-80 dresses .
So all you local sewers I have dresses ready in various stages to finish up contact me if you are interested in taking some to sew.

I will be doing some sewing for me in the next couple of weeks. As I am losing my hair through the Chemo. Which is emotional Journey in itself. I have tried to stay positive through all of this. And I know that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me for who ever I am.And Friends and family too who love me know matter what.But I didn't know how emotionally hard the hairloss thing would be.
So Today I ordered my first wig. and the other day I ordered a cotton sleep cap, and some headscarfs. But they can be so expensive. So I thought there has to be a pattern out there to sew them. So I searched and found a mcalls pattern. So when it comes I will be sewing away to have hats and headscarfs for every outfit .

I know I can find headscarfs at thrift stores to, but right now I can't go anywhere my immune system is pretty bad . My white blood count was down to a 1 last friday, ( 4 is considered low) and came up to a 2 today. But I have to be so careful.So can't go to public places and being around a lot of people, and wear a mask when I do go out. My Dr pretty much put me on bedrest for a few days. As my mediport area needed to heal too. My platelets are really low too which means I am more prone to bleeding.
Well I know this too shall pass and I will have the energy and time to sew soon and find some cute head scarfs and hats at thrift stores. So no thrift store shopping for me for a while.
But I count my blessings every day. This could be so much worse. They have caught the cancer early and it is low grade non Hodgkins Lymphoma. And they hope the 5-6 chemo treatments will fight this disease. My next treatment is this Friday the 29th of April..

I will continue to be strong and fight to and Love life and live it to it's fullest and when I have the energy I will Sew Sew Sew!!