Because Every Girl Deserves at least one Dress

Sewing One dress at a time.
Because Every Girl Is a Princess and Deserves at Least One dress.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Tonight I get to share the mission of Dress a Girl around the world, with the ladies of the Church of Nazerine in Lavelle PA. Even though I am not the best public speaker. I hope my love of Dress a Girl will be enough to motivate and share this opportunity to help girls in need.
On another note. life is busy and I promise I will do better at updating the blog more often. Many pictures can be found on our facebook page.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sorry i am not as great as i should be at updating the blog. you can find us on Facebook too see the link on the left.
thisyear we have had trips and individuals going to Guatemala, Philippines , Uganda, and Ukraine.
Here's a couple of the pics lot more found on our facebook page.

And we continue to have so many wonderful dresses donated and lots of little sewing groups and individuals sewing for dress a girl around the world. Please remember if you know anyone that would be willing to hand carry the dresses to girls in need they are provides for free of charge. And we want the dresses to get to as many girls all over the world. So be sure to spread the word. they are light weight and roll up and fit well between luggage etc. Please help build the dignity and self esteem of girls all over the world by helping provide a beautiful dress for them. it may be the only dress they own. And we want them to know they are loved. Email me at or contact me via facebook too.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Yes Life gets crazy and I don't get to update the blog like I would like .
i try to update the facebook page as much as I can.
But I will strive to do a revamp on this blog in the next few months.
Please go to for all the patterns and info about this wonderful organization.
Here is a link to the updated tutorial for making a dress form a pillowcase. but pease follow guidelines also on this site to truly make the best dress for a special little girl.

I will strive to post updates here at least once a week.
this week 150 dresses were picked up by Kim Soper and will be travelling to the ukraine and Uganda in June. So stay tuned to see the smiles of little girls enjoying there new dresses.
Thank you for all those that sew and support Dress a girl around the world here in Pennsylvania. i couldn't do it without all of your support.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boo Boos Bows is having a Fundraiser for Dress a Girl PA , to pay for shipping to groups in PA and general supplies. All proceeds from Dresses and Shorts rompers will go to Dress a girl. Boo Boos Bows are making no Money from these. Cost is just covering materials and all profits are going to the Dress a girl Charity. 
So you get to buy a cute dress or romper for your little one . while supplying the means to supply a dress for a child in need. 
These are just some of the dresses  rompers available ( in limited quantities) 
Dresses are $20 + $4 shipping  matching hair accessories can be purchased for $5 extra.
shorts rompers are $23 + 4 shipping 
sizes newborn-8 years old are available.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Love Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple are one of my favorite Clothing company. Thier dresses are amazing and modest styles too. And so many style, designs for all body types , ages. If you are in the market for a new dress for yourself or your little girl this is the place to go.
They contacted me and said they were willing to donate 5% of sales generated from a link on my page. What a generous donation. So please use the link at the right of this page  if you want to check out this great site.
Thank you Shabby Apple you ae the best it will help us so much to be able to mail dresses to other groups in PA and sending patterns to people all over PA. We now have some Mennonite and Amish communitys involved who don't have access to computers so we mail patterns to them. And other individuals without internet access. and we will also use it for supplies.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great Day at PA Dress A Girl

Sorry I have been lacking in keeping up with the blog. I have been updating on Facebook . But not here.
We had a great day today with our sew along we were joined By students from Bucknell University  for part of their Day of service. we sewed, sorted pressed and cut and threaded.
and some students sewed for the very first time.
I was also Interviewed by our local Newspaper too. So I am super excited to have the word spread about dress a girl in the PA area. and hope to have more sewing groups started, and have more groups contact us when they are traveling over seas.
This was my first major sewing event since My Cancer diagnosis, so I am pretty tired tonight. But I am excited to still be able to work with such a great charity.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog update. Wow where do I start.

I thought I had better update my Blog. I looked at the date of the last one and it was 28th of March! And then I was just thinking I had back pain and some mild hyperglycemia .

Little would I know that 4 days later my world would be turned upside down.w
When I went to the dr to be checked out as I wasn't feeling good. It blows my mind to think that here I am saying that I have cancer!
It has been a interesting few weeks as I deal with chemo, Medications , blood tests and other medical tests and all the side effects.
But as I take it easy I have still been reading all the posts about Dress a Girl around the world and all the dresses being distributed . We have a group traveling to Nicaragua  in May, who will be taking 50-80 dresses .
So all you local sewers I have dresses ready in various stages to finish up contact me if you are interested in taking some to sew.

I will be doing some sewing for me in the next couple of weeks. As I am losing my hair through the Chemo. Which is emotional Journey in itself. I have tried to stay positive through all of this. And I know that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me for who ever I am.And Friends and family too who love me know matter what.But I didn't know how emotionally hard the hairloss thing would be.
So Today I ordered my first wig. and the other day I ordered a cotton sleep cap, and some headscarfs. But they can be so expensive. So I thought there has to be a pattern out there to sew them. So I searched and found a mcalls pattern. So when it comes I will be sewing away to have hats and headscarfs for every outfit .

I know I can find headscarfs at thrift stores to, but right now I can't go anywhere my immune system is pretty bad . My white blood count was down to a 1 last friday, ( 4 is considered low) and came up to a 2 today. But I have to be so careful.So can't go to public places and being around a lot of people, and wear a mask when I do go out. My Dr pretty much put me on bedrest for a few days. As my mediport area needed to heal too. My platelets are really low too which means I am more prone to bleeding.
Well I know this too shall pass and I will have the energy and time to sew soon and find some cute head scarfs and hats at thrift stores. So no thrift store shopping for me for a while.
But I count my blessings every day. This could be so much worse. They have caught the cancer early and it is low grade non Hodgkins Lymphoma. And they hope the 5-6 chemo treatments will fight this disease. My next treatment is this Friday the 29th of April..

I will continue to be strong and fight to and Love life and live it to it's fullest and when I have the energy I will Sew Sew Sew!!