Because Every Girl Deserves at least one Dress

Sewing One dress at a time.
Because Every Girl Is a Princess and Deserves at Least One dress.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh the Fun we had! Our first Sew fest !

We had a blast at our first sew fest Saturday February 26th 2011.
We may have been small in numbers. But that didn't matter. All who came ,got straight to work and we were a force to be reckoned with LOL

We had Mary Ann who donated some wonderful dress shirts , fabric and pillow cases. And was our Cutting and pinning  and threading elastic Super Women ! We couldn't keep up and keep her supplied with fabric quick enough . She was a wonderful support.
Mary Ann hard at work 

Then there is Sarah who first Posted the link to Dress a girl on her facebook page saying that we should be a  part of this and I am eternally grateful she did.She was one of our  Super Sewers. and who would believe that she is 7 months pregnant!And has a adorable Little 2 year old girl too.
Sarah setting up her new sewing Machine. except she grabbed the Spanish manual By mistake and none of us speak Spanish. She worked it out eventually :-)
Then there is Amy Jo another super sewer.This super women has 2 sets of twins 2 Girls 5 and a boy and a girl 15 months old . So she is a Super Mom But is always such a great support.
Amy Jo with one of the dresses she made
Sarah and Amy Jo working away.Amy Jo showing her best side :-) 

We then have our super power with the Iron Barb . She flew through the pile of pressing, ironing. Hmm maybe I should hire her  for my own Ironing . I Hate to iron personally. That's what tumble dryers are for LOL.All her 5 children are now grown and at college, Married etc. So she gets enjoy the joys of being a Grandparent to a 4 year old  Boy and a  18 month old girl

Me Hand sewing a bow, Sarah hard at work.

We also had Jocelyn . Our other super ironer . And she took fabric home to sew dresses. I didn't get a picture of her . She took some of these pics. But Next time I will as I know she will continue to be involved. She was also My Tech savvy friend and hopefully set up my blog to Facebook link to work finally.  Her smiling face can be found on her great blog called" We talk of Christ We rejoice in Christ.

Another Super Sewer was Jaquie who I also sadly didn't get a picture of . She cut out a bunch of Toddler size dresses.And took T shirts, fabric etc to make 10 more dresses at home.She made this adorable dress on the left

Then we have Kimberly she came and was one of our Super Cutters and cut out the arm holes for a bunch of toddler dresses., And even took fabric home to cut more.

And she bought with her, her two Children Bobby and Autumn. Who Our Puppy absolutly loved playing with :-)
And Autumn agreed to be our model. Sew Cute.

Love this fun bright print of cats.
We had a fun day of, sharing stories, cutting pinning, and sewing dresses.

Can you believe these totals for just one day.

15 totally finished

7  with elastic in ready for  straps.

27  pillowcases cut, ironed and ready to sew the straps on

23 toddler size dresses cut from fabric and ready to sew.

5 dress shirt dresses cut, ironed and ready for straps

That's with out the 20 that a couple of girls took home to sew.

And the 20 Heidi is making.

and the 30 I have made so if you do the math that's the grand total of 147!

How Awesome is that !
Looking forward to many more events in the future


  1. Marie-Great job! It sounds like you are off to a wonderful start! Isn't it amazing how God just brings everyone and everything you need together to make this wonderful thing happen! God Bless you and your wonderful crew! It is exciting how quickly the word spreads and you will have even more people offering to help and host more events!

    Keep up the good work!

    Janine Mahan-State Rep.,
    Dress a Girl Connecticut

  2. WOW! You have one of the cutest models too<3
    I'm sew excited about what you are doing in PA!